All you need to know to explore India

Expertise and experience: Travel agents have extensive knowledge and experience in the travel industry, and they can help you find the best deals and destinations to fit your needs and budget.
Time-saving: Booking a vacation can be time-consuming and confusing, but a travel agent can handle all the details and help you plan a seamless trip.
Access to exclusive deals and packages: Travel agents have access to exclusive deals and packages that may not be available to the general public, which can save you money and provide a better value.
Personalised service: Travel agents can provide personalised service and offer customised recommendations based on your individual needs and preferences.
Assistance with unexpected issues: Travel agents can assist with unexpected issues, such as flight cancellations or weather-related disruptions, and help find alternative arrangements.

Overall, using a travel agent can provide peace of mind and ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.

As the trusted travel management provider for 100s businesses and leisure travellers, we are dedicated to delivering top-level service every time. We choose to work only with known, reliable providers in order to maintain a high standard of quality service.

Yes, we book a travel within all types of budget.
We specialize in budget travel and can help you find affordable options for flights, accommodations, and activities.
It's important to set a budget and communicate your budget , and we can find the best options that meet your needs.
We have access to discounts or promotions that can help keep costs down. With careful planning and the right resources, we a have been booking memorable and budget-friendly vacations for more than 25 years now.

No, there is no fee for our vacation planning services

To book a tour to India, we suggest you that you view the India Journeys Page on the website, which include many tours that are being taken by most of the tourists coming to India. If you intend to make any changes, or customize your travel itinerary, you can request a quote by filling our online query form or sending us an e mail at:

Travel insurance is recommended, especially for international travel. It can help cover medical expenses, trip cancellations or interruptions, and other unforeseen events.

You generally need a passport, and depending on the country, a visa or other travel authorization. Some countries also require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

Call us right away. If it’s after normal business hours, please contact the next involved travel supplier (airline, hotel, tour operator, cruise line) to cancel any reservations you will not be able to use. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact the insurance company’s 24-hour line to start the cancellation process and ensure your maximum refund.

To book a special interest tour, we suggest you that you view the “special journeys” page on the website, to view itineraries that we commonly offer. If you intend to make any changes, or customize your travel itinerary, you can request a quote by sending us an e mail at:

For resources about india, please visit our website page “travel information”. You may put up your questions to us regarding any matter if you do not find the answers on our website. Apart from that we suggest you to do some background reading before visiting india, so that your visit becomes a great experience, you may ask us to provide you a tourist guide in the language of your choice who will accompany you during your tour to india and take care of everything related to your tour. How many months in advance should be my travel booking ? We recommend that your travel bookings should be made 6-8 months in advance, especially if you are travelling between october- march (high tourist season) and may – june, the indian holiday season. As travel infrastructure in india has its limitation in comparison to the high season demand therefore we highly recommend booking your tour in advance. However, in the case of late/last minute booking, we should be able to accommodate depending on hotel availability.

How to experience india at it’s best ? We suggest you to consider rural india while planning your trip, ask us to combine your trip during an indian festival which will make your trip a great experience. At each city you visit our guides will tell you about the cultural activities taking place that might be interesting.

Yes, you can. Our services are comprehensive. We do both international and domestic ticketing.

You will be picked up by our representative at the arrival hall of the particular international airport of india. You should not leave air port without our representative if you are to be picked up. Pioneer journeys representative would be holding a welcome board with your name on it. If you are part of a group, the name of the group will be mentioned on the welcome board.

Yes, asra tours has special rates with many hotels all over the indian subcontinent. We are sure that we will be able to offer you the hotels for your budget in the destination wanted by you. As for as hotels are concerned we have hotels of every standard in india. You will find some of the world class hotels in india. Do inform us what kind of hotels you are looking for. We also make arrangements for big conferences, meetings and incentives. You can also book specialized holidays like yoga, spa and ayurveda packages.

English is widely spoken and understood at almost all tourist centres. All our guides are qualified and government recognized. They assist you during your sightseeing in india. We arrange guides who speak german, french, spanish, japanese, italian or chinese. Tour guides will help you not only in your sightseeing, but also help you understand india better and give you useful tips for your journey to india!

Indians are hospitable and friendly people. Most of the people you talk to you will find friendly. Follow the golden rule in india (especially for women, when travelling in india): always speak to the people you feel like talking to. Avoid people who are too eager to help you or want you to buy you something. If you want to enrich your visit to india by visiting an indian family or want to stay in an indian family, ask us. We will be happy to make these arrangements for you.

We advice our guest to drink bottled water, bottled drinks. Coffee tea should be taken hot. Avoid eating spicy at least at the start of your journey to india. If you are travelling without a guide in india you may ask the waiter not to put any chillies to the ordered dish. It is suggested to stick to only cooked foods and to eat fresh fruits after removing their skin. After taking the above precautions you will realize that india has a wonderful cuisine and rarely any other place meet the varieties of cuisines and flavours as in india.

Photography is a great fun in india as you will have enough sunlight most of the time. We suggest you to bring enough films with you though most of the films of international brands are also available in india. In some of the monuments one has to pay fee for the photography. Our guide will suggest you where it is worth to photograph and where not. At some of the locations photography is not allowed. Do not photograph these objects otherwise your film can be confiscated.

India is a shoppers paradise. Shopping is recommended from government emporiums. We can forward you the details for that. Most of the large stores will ship your purchases for you, though, for convenience and to avoid postal delays, it is advisable to carry your shopping with you or to book it as baggage. If you have any specific items on your shopping list, you may contact us we will provide you the needed information.
Refund Related

It depends on the airline's cancellation policy. Some airlines offer refunds for cancellations made within a certain timeframe, while others may only offer credits or vouchers for future travel.

It depends on the hotel's cancellation policy. Some hotels may offer refunds for cancellations made within a certain timeframe, while others may only offer credits or vouchers for future stays.

It depends on the cancellation policy of the bookings made with providers. Some providers may offer refunds for cancellations made within a certain timeframe , while others may only offer credits or vouchers for future bookings. We will provide you as much flexibility possible based on the locations/ properties that you choose for your trip.

If your tour or activity is canceled by the provider, you would be entitled to a refund, depending on the provider's policy. You may also be offered the option to reschedule the activity or to receive a credit or voucher for future bookings.
Other Questions

This depends on your destination and personal preferences. Some factors to consider include weather, peak tourist season, and holidays.

Travel restrictions and advisories vary by country and change frequently. It is important to follow local guidelines and take necessary precautions, such as wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Options include public transportation, taxis, rental cars, and ride-sharing services. Researching ahead of time and downloading local maps and apps can be helpful.

It depends on your phone plan and the country you are visiting. Check with your service provider and consider purchasing a local SIM card or a travel plan. We can arrange that for you if you let us know 😀

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