A Quick Guide on How to Have a Perfect Holiday

When was the last time, during or after a vacation, you thought “Oh no! How could I/ we miss that!” or “Surely, I should have done this better!”. 


If the answer is never then you can probably skip this. However many of us who are extremely passionate about travel and experiences are often left disenchanted or even depressed after a vacation.



Can something be done about it? I would share some points if you keep in your mind you may find yourself more fulfilled and content after that much-coveted holiday.


Don’t Over Plan Your Vacation


Nowadays every bit of information possible is available at our fingertips and we tend to plan our vacations to the last-minute details. 


While it is necessary to plan some of it like tickets and stay etc, planning everything down not only makes the planning process utterly stressful but also the trip exceedingly hectic.


You must leave time in your schedule to do things more spontaneously. 


This will let you feel more relaxed while on the trip and your trip will seem longer. 


Research also shows that vacationers tend to feel much happier after a “Relaxed Vacation” rather than a stretched one. 


Expect the Unexpected


It’s good to prepare yourself mentally for  one or two things to go wrong on the trip. 


You can always create your safety nets by buying travel insurance, packing some extra gadgets, or carrying some extra cash for peace of your mind.


However, don’t let things that are not in your control like unforeseen weather conditions or road closures, or local disruptions spoil your holiday mood.

Being flexible and having an attitude to enjoy every moment and experience will be your key to having a great holiday.


Your Trip Your Story 


Like every place has a unique feel about it, every traveler has a unique experience of a place. 


While on a trip, make sure you enjoy it in your way rather than following what the travel websites say or the travelogues of others have to offer.


Always make a point to enjoy local food, custom, and culture, irrespective of whether it’s a popular choice or not.

Pack Your Travel Journal

Don’t forget to take some time out every day to write down even if it is a few lines about the adventures and misadventures of the day.


Your experiences will stay with you more vividly for a longer time if you capture them right away.


Fun and happiness in life lie in the little things around us, and you can always relive those moments in the years to come.


Feel the Gratitude and Be Mindful

Vacations are a wonderful opportunity to feel grateful for everything we have in our lives.

Most of the time we are engrossed in finding out what’s next we miss out on what’s now, and this happens while on a vacation too. This makes us stressed out at the end of the day.

While on the vacation try to practice mindfulness, this will help you enjoy the moments better.


Connect with Friends and Family

Sometimes vacations leave us overwhelmed and day-to-day life may seem mundane and meaningless. Reaching out to friends and families helps us better in such a case. 

Connecting with a close friend over a heart-to-heart conversation, while on the trip or afterward would help you manage your emotions.

Plan Some Transition Time

Suppose you have taken a longer trip it’s advisable to resume your daily routine at a slow pace. If your schedule permits give yourself a day before joining back to work.


You would need some time to unpack, tidy up or take care of anything that might have happened while you were away.


Key takeaways


While it is absolutely common to have some post-vacation blues, you can avoid some of it by keeping your vacations spontaneous and easy. Live and enjoy every moment of your trip and don’t try to match to others’ yardsticks. As well take some time out during or after the vacation to connect with your loved ones and share your stories.